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We design websites. but we also offer design services that include cd burning and printing, cd cover design, pamphlets, leaflets, fold outs, flyers, posters, and complete video recording and editing services.Click on any of the small icons above and on the previous page to view our web designs. Enjoy our video below...

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CD Productions


Soon after establishing Velvet Hammer Productions Beth began thinking about how she could serve the community of musicians in and around Sarasota. Her efforts to create outstanding CD designs led her to eventually purchase equipment to publish CD's, including burning and ink jet printing. This service is available for short runs of CD's and DVD's at competitive prices. Eventually Beth was making DVD's for commercial presentations as well. At this time, Beth produces CD's for Koko Ray, as well as Al Fuller, Mindy Simmons, John Howard, Joe Cyr, Scotty Jay, and has used her duplicating skills to aid others around the Sarasota area.

A Few More Words About Us

Video Production has taken a huge step forward, with the advent of some excellent editing programs.
Beth found that her experience, including 9 years in Broadcasting as on air talent, qualified her to produce the kinds of videos that people are looking for today.

In an age where everyone has a video camera built into their mobile phone, and inexpensive cameras abound, there is a need for high quality video production that holds up well, and presents a client in a format that's condusive to doing more business.

A musician herself, Beth understands exactly how to present a music video that retains the interest of viewers.

Many of the new video creators on the market are happy enough to do slide shows with multiple effects, but at Velvet Hammer Productions, we know that special effects are to be used to a minimum, and we'll make sure your text will remain on the screen long enough for viewers to read and understand it. Video production means being sure that the video on screen matches the vocals, and that extra "shots" are really created from the song you are viewing, not a completely different piece of music. Years of television production have helped her to make these transitions well. And in commercial production, Velvet Hammer Productions can make sure you get the look you want, without the overriding costs you don't need.

In addition to these services. contact Velvet Hammer Productions to help with any of your needs for Voice Overs and audio production. Beth continues to work in radio, and hosts a blues show entitled "Blues with the Velvet Hammer", on WSLR Community Radio in Sarasota. She can record commercials for radio or television that will work for you.

Call us anytime for a conference on your project, at 941.928.1912.

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