9.01.2013 New Roads for Recorded Music
Presently most musicians in the Sarasota area are still selling CD's at their shows, and on line. However, there are new trends on the horizon. Armbands embedded with mp3s as well as disc cards that can be used for music are beginning to make inroads in the market place. While still leaning heavily in the direction of CDs for music sales, Velvet Hammer Productions is also learning about new avenues, and investigating design ideas to make your product stand out. Although we can't personally print the heavy card necessary for cardboard disc cases rather than the vinyl ones, we are in touch with firms that make those their business, and we can work within their formats to plan your CD case.
7.06.2013 Archival discs for video or music

It has come to our attention that many folks believe their CD's are impervious to most conditions (except scratching) and will last a lifetime of playing. This is not the case.

Although Velvet Hammer Productions uses only high quality watershield discs in CD and DVD production, it is a known fact that CD's have become less and less expensive to buy. The problem is that they are being produced in as cheap a manner as possible. Less and less backing is being applied to the disc, and as a result, the life expectancy of a normal CD or DVD is just around 3 years, even if it sits on a shelf. Higher quality CD's like the ones used by Velvet Hammer Productions are rated for 5 years or more.

It's time to start putting your best music on archival discs. Archival discs are backed with gold, and have extra thick coatings that ensure a 100 year lifespan with normal, careful use. Most are also equipped with scratch guard technology to keep scratches at a minimum.

Ask Velvet Hammer Productions about Archival Gold Discs for your projects.

Make Sure Your Project Looks Great!

You've done all the work, poured out the lyrics, brought all your musical ability in play to create great songs....and a great album. It's your work of art. Your contribution to the world of music. You deserve cover designs that complement your professional product. At Velvet Hammer Productions your CD designs are created by a musician who understands how hard you've worked, how much dedication has gone into your product.

Beth Hammer is an alumni of the Maryland Institute College of Art, and has worked in commercial art and advertising in print, radio and television for 28 years.

You've made your mark. Let us enhance it with artistic design.

We Can Create Your Discs - Or Give You A Proof Disc Of Our Design Work

Velvet Hammer Productions owns two Microboards GX Robotic Disc Publishers, and offers local disc publishing to the Sarasota area, and the Velvet Hammer Records label. The GX series publishers can deliver 100 discs in around an hour, and Beth works on cover design and photography, and puts together a package for local musicians and also corporate clients. The CD publisher also offers DVD publishing, which is included in our services for Video Production.

As was mentioned above, many disc makers are going to cheaper materials for their CD's, and the quality is suffering. At Velvet Hammer Productions you can be assured that we will use only the best materials for your project.

Call us anytime for a consultation about your project at 941.928.1912,



CD's to Buy

All of the CD's below, with the exception of Sidney James Wingfield's Bangin' Out The Blues, were designed by Velvet Hammer Productions. Some are with full jewel cases and jacket information, others are just the CD in a rubberized C case, but all are great music you'll want to add to your library, and they are difficult to find local music often played on my radio show on WSLR. Profits from these CD's go to the musicians who created them. Velvet Hammer Productions offers this sales page as a service to the musicians, and the community.

Buy Al Fuller's "How Far Will You Go" solo CD for $12.99

Buy Al Fuller's "In The Back Of My Mind" for $12.99

Buy Al Fuller's "Lonely & Blue" CD for $12.99

Buy Al Fuller's "Satisfied" early CD for $12.99

Buy Frankie Catalina's "Most Requested" CD for $12.99

Buy Ishmael Katz "K Street" CD for $12.99

Buy Ishmael Katz "Second Chance" CD for $12.99

Buy Jim Glover's "Outsider" original CD for $14.99

Buy John Howard's "A Touch Of Blue" CD for $14.99

Buy Rastus Kain "Road Doggin Live" CD for $12.99

Buy Sidney James Wingfields "Bangin Out The Blues" CD for $21.99

Buy Twinkle's "Southern Girl" CD for $14.99

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