12.28.2016 Memphis Rub Band
The Memphis Rub Band is a collaboration between “Guitar Gary” Drouin and Scott Matzke, emphasizing original music, hot instrumentals and their spin on rocking cover tunes. A high energy show featuring Blues, R&B, Funk and Rock ‘n Roll. The band has dynamic vocals, soaring guitar and a tight rhythm section. The band is based out of Florida’s Sun Coast. The Memphis Rub Band showcases vocals reminiscent of James/Otis, soulful blues guitar, solid drumming and dynamic piano & organ. The Memphis Rub Band is positioned for festivals, concert openings and up-tempo club dates. Listen and watch a video.
8.20.2016 Eileen Kozloff
An award winning artist, for her singing, songwriting and instrumental work, Eileen Kozloff is a multi-instrumentalist who has been actively involved in the autoharp world for over a quarter of a century. She is best known for her unique "pick-less" style of diatonic autoharp and for her soaring vocals, stunning harmonies and commanding performances. Her ability to compose, play and sing in a wide range of genres has made her a versatile festival performer and workshop teacher. Velvet Hammer designed a site that would feature her music and her available recordings. Check it out!
5.15.2015 Hammer Automotive
Beth's brother, Ken Hammer, owns this thriving business in Baltimore, Maryland. Beth purchased the name years ago for him, in anticipation of creating a site to help his business. A "place holder" site was created, and in May of this year a responsive website was designed by Velvet Hammer Production to take Hammer Automotive to the next level in web performance. You're invited to visit.
8.17.2015 Michael Dempsey Bass

Velvet Hammer Productions began working on a challenging new website for Michael Dempsey, which would enable him to bring his recording talents to a great number of people. The site includes instructions for submitting music, photographs of all of his basses as well as recordings of the different basses so users may choose if they wish. In addition, there are songs of national recording artists with whom Michael Dempsey has recorded, so that interested parties can listen to how his bass was incorporated into these songs. It was completed in September 2015, and you can view it and listen here.


9.15.2014 Space and Electronic Warfare

Velvet Hammer Productions worked on this website over a period of time for innovator Joe Cyr. It contains many references, definitions of terms, for the military comlex. Joe has had this defining site for over 15 years, but needed it redesigned.
Now it has definately joined the 21st century!


7.12.2014 Mindy Simmons, Musician

Velvet Hammer Productions began revamping and redesigning this music site for Mindy Simmons, a talented local music artist. It actually included two domains, because Mindy does an inspiring Peggy Lee Tribute as well, but the sites are interconnected, just having a different front page. Mindy's new site includes CD's for sale, music information, rss feeds, lots of photos and video, plus contact information for Mindy. It's up and running!


Velvet Hammer Productions was just a dream in the 1990's, when owner Beth Hammer began designing a website for her antique sales company. Other websites quickly followed, and Beth's background in commercial art and advertising soon led to her creating CD covers and inserts for musicians around the area.Eventually Beth's experience in television brought her interests to video production, and led her to purchase a number of quality video cameras, along with editing equipment.


6.29.2014 Sarasota Blues Jam

Velvet Hammer Productions has been busy expanding and maintaining this site as the Sunday Blues Jam moved to The Blue Rooster in late June of 2014. The jam is now retired, but the site was designed to inform musicians on normal jam procedures, and of the jams available around town as well. Lots of videos and photos from the Jam!


10.18.2013 White Elephant Pub

A site for a restaurant with unique and varied menus, plus a clever logo presented a fun challenge for Velvet Hammer Productions. Site is available to view at White Elephant Pub.


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