7.12.2014 Mindy Simmons, Musician

Velvet Hammer Productions began revamping and redesigning this music site for Mindy Simmons, a talented local music artist. It will include music information, rss feeds, lots of photos and video, plus contact information for Mindy. Watch for it coming soon!


6.29.2014 Sarasota Blues Jam
Velvet Hammer Productions has been busy expanding and maintaining this site as the Sunday Blues Jam moved to The Blue Rooster in late June. The site was designed to inform musicians on normal jam procedures, and of the jams available around town as well. Lots of videos and photos from the Blue Rooster Jam!
3.17.2014 The CapTool
Velvet Hammer Productions began working with Jack Colgan with his innovative design for a tool to open eye drop bottles for glaucoma sufferers late last year. First we shot a video that promoted the tool, letting everyone know how it worked and how simple it was to use. Then serious work on the website began, in November as noted below. Since then three additional videos have been produced, showing the CapTool in use and also with an Ophthalmologist endorsing the product. The website is now completed, up and running at The CapTool.com . Jack is now working on a tool for controlling the flow of eyedrops, and a tool to open bottles of Boost and Ensure!
11.15.2013 Tropical Fruit Society
Velvet Hammer Productions began designing a website for the Tropical Fruit Society of Sarasota. This Society is "ripe" for new members, and eager to have people join them at their monthly meetings, held the third Wednesday of each month at Selby Gardens in Sarasota. Meetings are a fun time, with "tastings" of delicious fruits beginning at 6:30, then a guest lecturer will tell you how you can begin growing (or continue with expert help) your own tropical fruits. Parties, field trips - it's a fun way to support sustainability in Sarasota. The website is easy to navigate, has a calendar and photos! Check it out today at Tropical Fruit Society of Sarasota.
11.15.2013 CapTool
Velvet Hammer Productions is working on a website, the product display is complete, and video has been shot for CapTool, an innovative item that helps remove caps from eyedrops. There is a place holder website currently on the web, and VHP's site should be operative by mid March. It will include a video endorsement from an opthalmologist.

Velvet Hammer Productions was just a dream in the 1990's, when owner Beth Hammer began designing a website for her antique sales company. Other websites quickly followed, and Beth's background in commercial art and advertising soon led to her creating CD covers and inserts for musicians around the area.Eventually Beth's experience in television brought her interests to video production, and led her to purchase a number of quality video cameras, along with editing equipment.


10.18.2013 White Elephant Pub

A site for a restaurant with unique and varied menus, plus a clever logo presented a fun challenge for Velvet Hammer Productions. And the most recent addition of live beach and bayou cameras was an adventure in web design. The cameras were already on a fixed IP address, and it proved difficult at best to make them available to the public. Finally, it was decided to use "View" as a log in name, and allow visitors to see the full page real time videos. They are great! Site is available to view at White Elephant Pub.


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